The dealers are being accused of data theft

Cybersecurity has been a major issue for a decade or so, and now even car owners are not safe from cyber-attacks. Many car dealers are being accused of stealing data from various cars.

In less than a year and a half, the car suffered four breakdowns. Such breakdowns are common in Land Rover Models. He thought is just an emissions problem, but it later turned into a data protection issue. This issue would trouble every car owner who dare pair their phone with the car.

He was frustrated by the problem so he consulted a form that handles owners’ disputes with dealers. He told the media that, in a court proceeding it was revealed that the dealership from which he bought the car was stealing the data from the car. They were downloading the electronic data, so they can get the data related to the breakdown, in order to determine how the vehicle was being driven.

It has been claimed by the firm that the vehicle’s data was downloaded without the consent of the owner, so their actions don’t meet the terms set in the Data Protection Act 2018. It may seem like a harmless act from a garage that wants to repair a car. But, here, you have about 95 people working in the dealership, performing several activities, so such an act should have been performed with respect for the law.

Other examples of such an instance include the lawyer, who got his destination data harvested, including the addresses of his clients. Both these cases are not related to the dealership under discussion here. So far, there haven’t been any clear signs of oil companies adapting to this change, but now there’s going to be a big change to that.

The firm representative also said that they have been contacted by over 18 people who faced a similar issue. Their data was downloaded without their consent. This is a serious issue and needs to be dealt with.