Suzuki Ignis has low running costs

A cute-looking small SUV, Suzuki Ignis has low running costs, a spacious interior, and a fun factor. Don’t just think it’s a small, cut SUV; it has got a lot to offer. The rival of Volkswagen Up, Hyundai i10, and Toyota Aygo is a very good option if you are looking for a small SUV.

We ran the car for about three months and we loved our experience, it was not easy giving back the keys. Before that, we hard hardly spend an hour with Ignis. We sure were impressed by its looks and compactness when it was unveiled in 2015. The fact that you can get a four-wheel drive for a reasonable price, made it only better. This shows that we liked it even in 2015. Apparently, their disagreement was on the terms of their technical partnership. Volkswagen thought it would be the senior partner would be able to make the big decisions, but Suzuki didn’t agree with that and didn’t accept their offer. Suzuki patriarch told Volkswagen that their teams no longer have the wish to co-operate with them.

The car seemed to be a very useful one from the very first day, and even though we always have several cars in our garage, it almost made us keep only one. Who doesn’t like compact cars, and the 3.7-meter Ignis is one of the best compact cars today. But, that doesn’t mean there’s not enough space inside. You would be surprised at how spacious this little vehicle is from the inside.

Even if you are a tall fellow, you would fit completely fine without needing extra space. It has wide-opening doors and a high hip-point, so if you have an older member, they would find it very easy to get in. Yet, it’s so small to easily find a parking space in the very crowded parking lot.

The design of the vehicle is quite good too, although some people might a different opinion regarding it. It offers plenty of grip, and it’s able to out-handle even some of the bigger cars. In short, it’s a very amazing vehicle and offers plenty.