Second order saloon could be a great option

If you were to see the price for the new M3 competition, you might pause for a bit, but the thing is you can get the M550i xDrive, with more power and more torque, and four-wheel drive, for a less price. But if you have a big budget and you are fine with stepping down on the performance hierarchy, it’s not your only option. You can get another more usable and better performance model; the Mercedes-AMG.

The vehicle has been available with a six-cylinder version of its hot E-Class for a few years, which increases its fuel economy, so that’s a plus too. You can get it in extra-practical estate form, but not the BMW. So the decision is yours, which vehicle you like more. We know that; to decide is not easy. Because there are many choices. So, be patient and think about it.

These cars make you think that the badge delete order-form boxes are made specifically for them. However, you would have to remove fewer badges from the 5-Series than the E-Class, but the vehicle’s styling features could prove to be enough to stop you from doing so. It took a lot of time to change this perception of the potential customers, but this delusion still exists today among many customers.

The two cars have just a slight difference in their prices, but on paper, their differences are clear enough. The BMW has got the turbocharged V8 that can develop 540lb-ft of torque and the Mercedes has got petrol-electric straight-six hybrid power. But still know that M550i is not that below these vehicles, especially if you consider the mileage and pattern of usage. It’s a more composed car and has got the right chassis tune to handle the tough roads. For us, the better option is the BMW M550i xDrive Saloon.