Realize that the industry is changing rapidly

Many firms have announced their plans recently to increase their EV production in the coming year and Volkswagen is one of them. Volkswagen was already producing a good number of vehicles but now it plans to launch one new EV every year. Previously, their target was about 33%, but now they have increased it immensely.

Volkswagen wants to produce a higher number of fully electric vehicles in the next decade and that is why they have ramped up the target they set previously. But that doesn’t mean the end for the combustion engine vehicles; they will remain important for the company.

The company also wants 48% of its sales to be fully electric by 2030 in China and the US. Huge investments will be made in developing digital technology and software including autonomous driving systems. Brandstetter said the firm realizes that the industry is changing rapidly and they have to change their approach and fundamentally change their brand with time.

They are the leader in the market and they want to defend this position, the brand has been the best brand for sustainable mobility and it intends to remain so. To achieve the electric sales target they will have to launch at least one electric vehicle every year, however, this year 3 EVs will be launched. The three EVs are coupé-styled ID 5 SUV, ID 6 large SUV, and ID 4 GTX.

They will also launch a small electric car in 2024, a little later than what we had heard previously. In 2026, we will see Project Trinity EV working.

The number of vehicles they will produce and launch would be can vary from region to region, which is why traditional vehicles would still play a key part for the firm. But, they want them to be highly efficient, and for that, the plug-in hybrid technology can be used.