Most entertaining version of the Golf R

The latest Golf R 2021 is the best version of this model, and that’s saying something. The vehicle is extremely impressive and it can do things which the previous versions could not but you have to pay a good price for this.

This is the fifth version of this vehicle, but in a complete sense, it’s only the 3rd. The first two versions of the vehicle were good, but they did lack some things. They had 3.2-liter V6 engines and four-wheel drive, which added to their personality but their average chassis balance and flat-footed handling made them just an average option.

When Volkswagen decided to add the four-pot Golf GTI motor to the Mk6 Golf R, the decision was not welcomed by many. But, the people complaining didn’t realize at that time that this decision set the vehicle on the path to becoming the most desirable hot hatch. When the Mk7 Golf R was launched, it had no competition in terms of performance and comfort.

So, what more the firm could add to the latest version. The MK8 carries a lot from the MK7, including the 2.0-liter EA888 engine, but this time it’s in fourth-gen trim able to develop 314bhp. So, it becomes the most powerful Golf ever, but that’s expected given its asking price.

You need more than just one visit to get used to this vehicle and understand what it offers. It’s a good cabin but still, it lacks a wow factor, but that’s normal in the Golf R models. But still, you would want to have a better cabin given the price you are paying, but that’s not the case.

Now, if you are wondering whether you should buy this vehicle, you maybe should if you can easily afford it. If you get the performance package and drift mode, you would have in your hand a very great vehicle but then again you will lose from your hand a great sum of money. The car does offer more dynamically than the Mercedes AMG A35 or BMW M135i xdrive, but still, it’s not easy to swallow. It’s the most entertaining version of this vehicle yet and that’s a great compliment.