McLaren was cheap as compared to the rivals

McLaren’s Sports Series has called it off and that puts an end to the McLaren 570S. We decided to take the vehicle for a final drive and assess how the new model would fare.

In 2015, we became part of a group test that included four fast cars. We heard there would be four fast cars, so that was enough reason for us to participate in this. We were sitting in the vehicle that was carrying the photographer, such a vehicle is called the tracking car. The vehicles were Audi R8, Aston V12 Vantage S, and Porsche 911 Turbo S; the Audi didn’t stand a chance. But it didn’t lose to these vehicles, the real winner was the McLaren 570S. This was the vehicle that said whatever you can do, I will do better, and cheaper, but you can choose to ignore this part if you like.

The car was absolutely amazing. It was engaging, fast, and light, simply put, just better than any other car in its class. What’s more amazing, it was cheap as compared to the rivals. We were amazed by the vehicle, and we still are. As the Sports Series has come to an end, and so does this vehicle, we decided to have a final run in it. We got the car and drove it to the same road, to repeat the same drive. I can tell you, that drive didn’t make me think the car needs a replacement, it still can go a long way.

It’s extremely fast; you can’t expect it to be any faster on the public roads. It’s among the best-damped cars, but the best thing is the driving experience that’s perfect, composed, and balanced.

If we talk about the Sports Series line-up and how much each car costs, first up we have the 540C. It’s the cheapest car in the line-up, still, it’s superbly fast. It’s also a very rare vehicle. The 570S would cost significantly more, but it’s better to drive and it looks good too. Then, we have the 570GT, which is the most practical vehicle in this series, but not the most popular. The 620R is the most expensive one and works brilliantly both on track and road.