Lamborghini gets the hybrid powertrain

It’s been some time but finally, we are going to see the Aventador’s replacement next year. Lamborghini would come with a hybrid powertrain, as the brand wants to make its name in the electric market. The vehicle is set to be revealed this year and will be available for purchase a little time after the plug-in hybrid version of the Urus SUV arrives.

Last year, the firm was able to achieve a great financial result, despite the recent crisis. The company boss Stephan Winkelmann, who previously worked for Audi Sport and Bugatti, said that this year is a moment of stabilization, as they are aiming for the next level in 2022. He also said that the company wants to make it very clear as to what electrification means for them. They want the brand to remain what it is even after reinventing it.

We don’t yet have specific details about the cars, but one could be the final Aventador-based special.

The flagship machine has seen several delays, one of the reasons for which is the recent pandemic, where the other, and the main one is the company’s effort to develop hybrid technology that could suit the car. Winkelmann said the challenge for them is to meet the request of the legislators, without disappointing the customers.

The Lamborghini CEO is happy that he’s back. He said his reception was amazing and emotional. When asked about the reason behind the firm’s success in 2020, he said that the firm has always done well in crisis and it has a strong image and its products are strong. When asked about how he manages his time between Bugatti and Lamborghini, he said technology has helped a lot. He is very busy and even though Covid forces him to change his travel plans, the pandemic has made him an expert at online meetings.