Kona has received a good makeover

The Kona Electric Ultimate from Hyundai offers a good range and looks good as well, but you will have to pay a little more. Recently, many models from different manufactures failed to get UK’s government grant set for electric cars, but Hyundai has been affected badly.

The entry-level Kona would still get the grant, but the long-range model won’t enjoy the subsidy. But, if you are an optimistic person, you will see the little style tweaks and the mid-life refresh of the EV is more than enough to convince you to buy the vehicle. The vehicle has received a good makeover, as well as safety and interior technology upgrades.

Even before the makeover, you wouldn’t mistake the electric version for the combustion-powered or hybrid range versions, but now it’s a certainty. It has taken a smoothed-over nose over the traditional grille, this tweak can remind you of the Tesla Model 3. The vehicle also features LED daytime running lights and redesigned headlights, just like the petrol version.

The electric motor remains the same that’s capable of developing 201bhp and 291lb-ft of torque, sent to the axle through a single-speed reduction gear. The car features a 64kWh battery pack that can provide a range of up to 290 miles.

It’s a very compact car that uses hard plastics inside the cabin. The 10.25in touchscreen and all-digital instrument cluster can help it compete with the rivals. If you get the top-spec Ultimate trim, it can cost more than if you get the Premium specification. But it provides features like a head-up display, an electric sunroof, and leather seats in the front.

For many people, the rise in price due to its failure to qualify for the grant would be a repellent. But that doesn’t mean it has lost its appeal. It offers a very good range, and the upgrades ensure it can stay in the game with the rivals.