Hyundai i20 can give a tough time to the rival

Ford might have thought, its Fiesta ST would garner all the attention, but the i20 N from Hyundai is here to make sure that doesn’t happen. The company claims i20 would give a tough time to the Fiesta, and we couldn’t agree more.

Its comparison with the Ford vehicle will only attract customers toward it. Initially, only one trim level will be offered for a decent price. Customers can place the orders from May and the deliveries will begin shortly after.

The price might seem expensive to some people, but if you view it from a broader sense, you might not think so. The i30 N was offered in two variants (due to the competition with Golf GTI), and only a small number of units were sold of the less powerful version, which did lack many things, mind you. The i30 N Performance Package did quite well, this is why the i20 N is only available in one version, which provides a lot from heated rear seats to custom Pirelli P Zero tires. Its standard kit has got a lot for you.

The revisions seem elegant. There is a new light bar, exhaust tips are larger, and the diffuser has been restyled. It seems to roll when on the road and deals nicely with the bumps and ridges. The steering provides good control, and you get a sense of composure and security. It’s accurate and has less torque steer.

We are looking forward to a twin test between the two vehicles, and what a test that could be. Both vehicles are amazing and have similar abilities and with a similar price, the only difference is their characters. But, doesn’t matter who wins the test, the i20 N is a great addition in this class and gives you an alternate. We need more time to explore every aspect of the vehicle that’s fast, usable, and enjoyable to drive.