Feel the Crossover has over-simplified the experience

If you want a neat and simplified, electric car experience, get on board the latest version of the ID 4. Keep in mind, getting aboard the first time might not be very comfortable for you. You might think it’s yet another crossover, but if you look at its unusual design, you might get another idea. So you might be thinking, so what it’s an electric crossover, lots of manufacturers make these like Ford and Hyundai. What makes it so special?

Well, to tell you the truth, the vehicle can play a great role, even more than every other model, in shaping the European market in this decade. It’s the first time the ID4 has landed on the UK roads, and it looks quite promising. What more is that it’s from a brand whose EV ambitions are higher than any other brand. The legacy manufacturer plans to launch 65 new EVs by 2027. If the ID4 is exactly as good as it has looked so far, it will only mean the firm is going to become only more ambitious and that’s a very good thing.

It uses the MEB platform, just like the ID3. The Audi and Skoda can also use this platform in the future. The EV uses a 196bhp rear-mounted motor and a 75kWh battery. The vehicle gives you a very good electric car experience. It’s easy to get along with and to adapt to, and probably there’s no other EV within this price range that can compete with it with regard to these factors. We are sure the majority of the people who purchase it would like it in the first drive, others might take some time, but they are also likely to adapt to it.

We do need to see what Skoda’s Enyaq can offer. It is cheaper, but both vehicles are quite similar on paper. However, some buyers would feel the firm has over-simplified the experience, take, for example, the regenerative braking that offers only two modes; not many buyers would appreciate that.