Engine is the same as in the A35 hatchback

The GLB 35 Premium Plus is the latest addition to its range of SUVs, and it could be the most versatile, at least that what it looks like so far. It’s an SUV, what else could it have been. Nowadays, when you hear about Mercedes, you surely don’t think of luxury saloons or coupes, it is famous for all these, but now the brand is all about SUVs.

The vehicle promises to offer speed and agility and the ability to go far off the beaten track. It is spacious inside and can carry seven, that’s something the families would love. It’s at the compact end of the range, so you can expect it to be easy to run. The GLB 35 has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that can develop 300bhp and 293lb-ft. This engine is the same as in the A35 hatchback.

The vehicle has got impressive pace and composure, and even though in a traditional sense it’s not engaging, it’s better than a regular hot hatch. So, if you combine the car’s speed, agility, and composure, with its practicality, it seems like a very good option. The third-row seats do add a bit of versatility, but, unless you are going on a journey you should only let the kids access them, well you should too if you can easily. The inside has enough space, the cabin is spacious, and the while interior is well finished. What else makes it a good prospect is the fact that it’s comfy and quiet.

You might not agree with its price at first, but remember, you will get a panoramic roof, leather trim, Burmester sound system, and matrix LED headlights, among other extras. It’s the only one in its class if you make a class of a seven-seat SUV with over 280bhp. The driver involvement could have been improved. If you have a small family, then you should look for five-seat alternatives, as you will find cheaper and faster options.