Emergence of the original Nissan Leaf

It seems like an interesting time in the EV market as VW ID 4 and Ford Mustang Mach-e are ready to make an impact. It would be interesting to see whether the two established companies would be able to compete with the EV specialists.

If you think about it, the emergence of the original Nissan Leaf and the Peugeot iOn feels like an event of yesterday. Their interesting concepts and tiny batteries gave us the first glimpse of how mass personal transport could look like in the future. Today, you can pretty much say their efforts weren’t entirely novel and as the UK is set to ban the sales of combustion vehicles by 2029, their status as pioneers is registered strongly. A strong effort has been going on to bring up electric vehicles, as many as possible, with a sheer intention to replace the traditional vehicles. No matter what we or anyone feels about it, the numbers of EVs in the UK would only grow with time. Sales, as well as shares, are expected to just go up for years to come.

Volkswagen and Ford are ready to play their part as well, and where they aren’t as quick or mobile as Tesla, starting from the last year, they have shown keen dedication in their electrification programs. Volkswagen hit the market first with the ID3, but you can’t expect the vehicle to help the company make its mark in the electric market. But, that job could be done by the ID4. The car can do very well in the European market that’s demanding affordable, premium-feeling crossovers. And, it can also play a crucial role in giving it a good share in the US and China’s markets. So, the vehicle is a big deal for a very good reason.

Ford, with its first series-production EV, has taken an SUV-shaped route but has created a bit of controversy as well. The controversy occurred due to the name of the vehicle. The name Mustang Mach-E implies the high status of image-based desirability as well as practicality and user-friendliness. But, even that would be enough for the SUV to succeed, it has got have great driver appeal as well.