Electric car takes to complete a charge

It appears like suddenly everyone wants to know how long an electric car takes to complete a charge. And why not, electric vehicles are in high demand today and the demand will only continue to increase. Whether or not you plan to buy an electric car you surely want to know everything about it. Where there are different things that a person wants to know about the electric car like its range, cost, and efficiency, the topic that interests them most is its charging time.

With the introduction of rapid charging, it’s becoming clear that soon you wouldn’t have to wait hours for your car’s battery to complete its charging. But such chargers are relatively rare. In this article, we will explore what different options you have and what approach you should take. Some chargers run at around 2KW and you will find them at public charging points.

Most of them are portable types that are used domestically. Such chargers come as standard with many electric cars, but because it takes such a long time and the modern cars have a larger size of battery packs, it is recommended by the manufacturers to only use this method, if you don’t have any other charging method available. If you don’t travel much then this could be a viable option for you but if you travel many miles a day, then this is not an option for you.

Fast charging is another option that’s mostly being used in homes. The chargers that provide fast charging run at 21KW or 6KW and you would find the former mostly in the public charging points.

Rapid charging is the latest and by far the quickest method to charge an EV’s battery. Some charges can even charge a battery in just 15 minutes. Such chargers run from 45 KW to up to 330KW and you will find them mostly at motorway service stations. To use this type of charging you need a car that can handle this type of DC charging, and it’s recommended to only charge up to 75% of the battery capacity.