Control the drive mode from the transmission tunnel

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the new E-Pace P300e wouldn’t offering something different from the previous models, just because it looks similar. The new vehicle, though similar in looks, has got a new platform and a refreshed interior.

It also gets a plug-in hybrid powertrain, with three-cylinder petrol and a single rear-sited electric motor. There is a mid-mounted battery that powers the motor. The combined power output is 303bhp and torque is 396lb-ft. The figures are much better than the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4. The vehicle weighs 2166kg and can reach 60mph in 6.4sec with a top speed of 132mph.

It has also shifted the platform and it chose the Jaguar Land Rover PTA platform. The vehicle not only gets the plug-in, but it also received other powertrain updates. It is now available in seven engines and six of them are hybridized.

The looks, as we mentioned earlier are only slightly changed. The changes are minor, but the Ian Callum design has aged well, so it didn’t require many changes.
But, that’s just the exterior; the interior receives heavy tweaks. It now comes with the Pivi Pro infotainment system, it’s a better set-up than before, as it runs quicker. It’s also fairly easy to operate, the touchscreens respond well. The home screen is divided into three sections, you can scroll it easily. It has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as standard.

The other additions include the rotary climate dials and the gear selector. You can control the drive mode from the transmission tunnel. The material quality seems to have improved, and this is exactly what the company claims. It might not have the same looks as the GLA, but it’s not far behind.

The vehicle is impressive and it’s a good addition to this class. It is very interesting to drive, maybe more than all its rivals, so that would enough for many people. Whether it does anything different or not doesn’t matter that much. The vehicle is not cheap; it does feel like a high price for a plug-in hybrid. But, it’s better than the rivals, so that’s one reason to buy it.