Alpina XB7 has been refined brilliantly

Alpina XB7 is a very powerful vehicle and provides great luxury and extraordinary performance. If you like strong vehicles like the BMW X7 M50i, you are very likely to like the very similar vehicle, the XB7.

It’s a big car and might be too big for some. Even the standard version of the vehicle is quite big. The latest version gets an extended body kit, optional 23in rims, and a set of quad exhausts, among others, so you get an idea of what we are talking about. It might not be up to the level that Rolls-Royce Cullinan reaches, but it’s there somewhere.

The exterior changes are great and it has been refined brilliantly, and they have also given the brand’s touch to the X7 M50i’s mechanical hardware. The 4.4-liter V8 engine gets larger turbochargers, the cooling system has been improved, and it also gets a stainless-steel sports exhaust. The setup can develop 610bhp and 585lb-ft, an improved figures from the standard X7 M50i.

It gets an eight-speed automatic gearbox, which will handle the engine’s power. Alpina and ZF have developed the gearbox together. The xDrive four-wheel-drive system has been improved as well. That tells you, how serious the company was about providing a huge power output, and a system that can handle it easily. The car we tested featured optional ventilated disc brakes. The vehicle weighs around 2.4 tonnes and reaches 62mph in 4.2, so such disc brakes can prove to be very useful.

The cabin, however, is not so different from the X7 M50i, though it gets Alpina logos and roundels. If you have driven the standard version, you know what we are talking about. The interior is not that good compared to vehicles like Bentley Bentayga and Range Rover; their cabins are special and it feels good to spend time there. XB7, however, has a quite ordinary interior that resembles the interior of ordinary BMWs. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not comfortable. It’s got soft and supportive chairs (you can get six or seven seats), and you can get the full leather package, which is optional and costs more.