A comfy Volvo suited for long-distance travel

The Volvo S90 Recharge T8 could be all you need for a long, comfy drive. If you thought the big and luxury saloons are going anywhere, you need to think twice, the Volvo S90 is here and it’s here for good. And that’s not only because the firm is determined to have it in its range, the vehicle has done some good business since its launch. Last year, it was more popular in the UK than the V90 wagon was.

Now, the company won’t offer the cheaper mild-hybrid combustion-engined versions, and it will be available in Recharge T8 plug-in hybrid form. So, it’s to be seen whether it can continue to do decent business. For customers, it means that they would have to pay a lot more to get diesel-engined S90 today than they had before. This could really annoy some customers, so to say.

You can even get the plug-in hybrid versions of the latest Mercedes-Benz E-Class and BMW 5 Series for a less price. So, it’s only fair to ask why the company wants the saloon customers to pay a high price for this car. The vehicle has enjoyed some style changes and they do seem to work well. It has got new bumpers, new dynamic indicators, and new wheel designs. So, as it’s common with Volvos, it has a good design. That’s a good thing.

As you get inside, you get a good, relaxing feeling, and when combined with the new connected functionality incorporated into the infotainment system, you have got a decent interior. The vehicle is easy and pleasant and if you are going on a long drive, it could be a great option. It’s a big, luxury vehicle, so it’s only better at what it’s made for. You can’t expect to have a great drive within the city if you were to rush. But, if you were in such a vehicle, you wouldn’t want to, so that shouldn’t be a concern.