A chat with a legendary commentator

If you are a motorsport fan, you are very likely to be a great fan of Murray Walker as well. We were lucky to get to spend time with him and have a lengthy chat in his home during a live race in 2017. We look back at our meeting as we remember him with a warm heart.

It was October 2017 when Lewis Hamilton was declared victorious at the US Grand Prix. The Formula 1 season had only three races left, and we already knew who’s going to get the most from this season; Hamilton and Mercedes-Benz. It isn’t much fun in such cases, so we were looking for ways to make it more exciting. The enthusiasts didn’t care for anything, and they would enjoy even the most boring scenarios. But, not everyone is like that.

Someone recommended watching the race with a person who will enjoy it the most, for example, Murray Walker. It was indeed a great idea. Even though the commentator had retired long ago, he was still passionate about the sport. So, we agreed to watch the race with him and we contacted him. We made the arrangement and we had to go to his house to watch the race.

We received some clear instructions, which made us think we are in contact with a 30-year-old. When you talk to him, you realize how good he is at using the information to make the conversation more pleasant. He said, people think I am over passionate and get aggressive sometimes, but that’s not true. I enjoy the race quietly, but there’s no harm in talking during the race.

When we reached his home, he received us at the front door with a smile. He took us to the sitting room that featured several souvenirs. We were watching the race on Channel 4, and on inquiry why doesn’t he has a subscription to Sky, he said I am too mean to pay for it. Where in truth, Channel four was being operated by his friend Mark Wilkin, so it was about friendship and not money. Watching the race with him was a great experience for us, and we enjoyed every second of it.