Exciting to get your hands on a prototype

It’s always exciting to get your hands on a prototype, and when you get to test a flagship model, there’s nothing quite like it. There will be three EQ electric models, all of which use adapted versions of traditional platforms. It’s referred to as a new beginning by the head of the EQS test program, Holger Enzmann. We got to drive the near-production prototype.

Whether you like it much or not, the EQS does have a distinctive shape, and it got a smoothly surfaced body. All thanks to the aluminum-intensive EVA platform. We could clearly see its difference from the traditional model. It has got a new bonnet and an optional panel grille.

You can’t ignore the car’s size and its presence. It’s 5205mm long, so that’s just a little short than the long-wheelbase S-Class. Our test car had 21in wheels that give it a bold look.

There are large frameless doors that give you’re your first view of the interior that’s a good blend of the traditional and new high-tech design elements. The main features include the Hyperscreen dashboard that contains three digital screens and as well as many of the controls within one panel.

It has a wheelbase of 3200mm, so that’s quite long. It’s quite luxurious, and the use of high-grade materials and its brilliant build quality make it quite fitting for the upper market.

You will have the option of two motors, a 514bhp dual-motor or a 324bhp single-motor. The latter is a rear-wheel-drive setup, where the former is a four-wheel-drive setup. Our prototype has the former model.

You can switch between four driving modes, Electric, Comfort, Sport, and Individual. The electric mode, with its one-pedal driving, allows adjustable energy recuperation. The customers will have the option of two all-wheel-steering systems and also there will be two different batteries.