Brilliant manifestations of Bauhaus design

If you are thinking of buying a used Mk1 Audi TT, you might want to listen to what we have to say. No, we won’t ask you to not buy it, instead, we want to tell you some facts about the car.

We don’t believe you think there could be any comparison between a chair and a car, and justifiably so, but the original Audi TT and the B3, which are brilliant manifestations of Bauhaus design, give you a few, if not more, reasons to draw this comparison. Well, in terms of value for money, there’s no comparison, the car stands far ahead.

The vehicle’s design is, as commonly known, Bauhaus-inspired, and it went journeyed from pen to paper and then to show star, from there it entered production. So many phases, yet there were only a few design changes from the original. You won’t find many such examples, and because it didn’t have to change its identity, it has got a quality that’s timeless and makes it very special.

We were able to think about the vehicle’s design and its legacy as we get to spend a month with the early-1999 example. The first interesting thing we noticed was its size, the original car is quite smaller as compared to the current model. The cockpit isn’t that small, and the rear seats are not ideal for most people, but you can adjust the front seats and the steering wheel to your comfort. In fact, you might even think the original model has more room than the current one (in some ways), which has got airbags, convenience features, and safety beams.

A decent example of the vehicle can be bought for a low amount, almost as same as you require for a reproduction Model B3. A better example isn’t that expensive as well, and when you consider the practicality and the performance it offers, you are actually getting a pretty good value for the money. So we think it would be able to become a valuable classic, even though we don’t deem it to be the most exciting car.